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Easily get a PNG icon related to any domain name or URL in any size!

Try here:

You can decorate any link you publish with the corresponding favicon↗. Here's a script for voat.co and reddit.com.


  1. (may be NSFW) 100 random domain names listed with their available favicons.
  2. Comparison of a section of voat.co without and with favicons.
  3. The domain name of e-mail addresses has been replaced with the corresponding favicon.
  4. Favicons added next to pretty much any possible link or text.
  5. 256×256=65,536 favicons in one big image (30MB).


Icons can be requested in the following sizes (in pixels):

5 dimensions
W×H Path Total icons Total size
16×16 16/ 18,807,313 6.9GB
24×24 24/ 10,453,138 6.5GB
32×32 32/ 10,267,427 6.2GB
64×64 64/ 3,620,221 4.3GB
128×128 128/ 2,072,691 6.1GB

Every icon is available in its smaller form, but not reciprocally.

Statistics refreshed every 3 hours. Last update at .

Domain name

Example: request the favicon of the domain voat.co↗ in 128×128 pixels:

Use the following URL: https://favico.be/128/voat.co

Result: Icon for voat.co

Example: request the favicon of the domain google.com↗ in 32×32 pixels:

Use the following URL: https://favico.be/32/google.com

Result: Icon for google.com


Example: request the favicon of the URL http://youtu.be/↗ in 16×16 pixels:

Use the following URL: https://favico.be/16/http://youtu.be/

Result: http://youtu.be/


If a favicon doesn't exist, the server returns a HTTP 404 status code along with the following 16×16 fugue icon: .

Your request will be included in the next update!


Daily. Results are cached for 30 days.


The following public data is used to crawl the web:

6 sources
Ref Public data Updated
support.alexa.com top-1m.csv.zip↗ daily
s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com top-1m.csv.zip↗ daily
s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com top-1m-TLD.csv.zip↗ daily
moz.com domains/csv↗ sporadicly
moz.com pages/csv↗ sporadicly
github.com spammers.txt↗ sporadicly

Suggest a new public source

Other private data (e.g. referers↗ in access.log or error.log) are used internally as well.

Limits and conditions

Yes! You can hotlink↗! No traffic restriction! Aaarh!

HTTP HEAD requests to check a file existence or meta information are allowed.

You are also free and encouraged to cache the results on your side.


See contact

If you would like your website to be included, just use one of the above methods to request your favicon.